Virtues of December: Advent Love, Hope, Joy, and Peace

Advent is the Latin word for “coming” and the time during which we prepare for the arrival of the Savior on Christmas.  The baby Jesus will not need a crib, a room painted, a car seat, or diapers this year.  Instead, we are called to prepare for his arrival by cultivating the virtues of love, hope, joy, and peace so that the Christ child might find a ready welcome and so that there will be adequate space in our hearts for Christmas to be truly holy time.  In chapel, we have highlighted practicing love, even and especially when we do not feel like it; hoping for things greater than ourselves, like reconciliation and forgiveness (the wolf shall lie down with the lamb and the child play with the adder); joy, exceeding happiness and rooted in God’s promise to be with us through thick and thin; and peace making, knowing that peace is not the absence of conflict or noise, but the presence of justice and a re-creation.  I am convinced that our world needs a Savior again this year and Advent is the time we can prepare to receive what God so deeply desire to give us.  Wishing you a holy Advent and a Merry Christmas! – Father Mike