Employment Opportunties

Current Openings

Position Title:                     Grade 2 teacher

Date Modified:                    January 2018

FLSA Classification:           Exempt

Reports to:                          Director of School

Position Purpose:              Responsible for student instruction in grade 2. Creates lesson plans and instructs students in content areas such as reading, science, literature, technology and mathematics. Creates a well-rounded, comprehensive instructional program that reflects best practice through inquiry and research based instruction.

Work Hours:                       7:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Work Calendar:                 School Year


A Classroom Teacher will facilitate the growth of students in a student-centered, developmentally appropriate environment focusing on research-based, best practices following a differentiated, balanced approach and curriculum.  While developing and maintaining positive relationships with students, parents, and faculty members, the teacher will recognize and coach the social-emotional needs of each student.

Essential Functions

  • Serves as an Educator and works directly with the Director of School to initiate, implement and oversee the day-to-day programs for students at a particular grade level.
  • Provides for students a supportive, orderly and interactive classroom environment where creative learning takes place.
  • Adheres to school policies in all areas of student interaction.
  • Supports the Employee and School Handbooks
  • Serves as an example to colleagues in manners of classroom management, teaching methods and school procedures.
  • Provides academic guidance to students; serves as student advocate, helping student families respond to specific academic, emotional and developmental challenges.
  • Communicates with parents, administrators, student services and with chaplains concerning the emotional and physical well-being of students within the classroom.
  • Routinely uses educational strategies and project based curriculum to bolster a student-centered, inquiry-based instructional design.
  • Works collaboratively with the school administration, and teacher colleagues to research curriculum best practice.

Essential Tasks

  • Utilizes curriculum and assessments to promote an appropriate instructional program and growth for every learner.
  • Uses differentiated Instruction and a social-emotional approach to student engagement.
  • Works cooperatively with administration and faculty to promote a positive work environment based on a growth mindset.
  • Ensures school facilities are ready for the start of school each day.


  • Bachelor’s degree in education
  • A minimum of five years of teaching preferred and excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • Demonstrates leadership and facilitation skills, including the ability to relate effectively with administrators, operations staff, colleagues, parents, and student

Send resume’ and all inquiries to: Mary Latulippe, Director of School


Substitutes needed for all grade levels: PreK 3 – 5th grade. Substitute teachers should be degree required and preferably experienced. Substitute teachers must complete the same hiring processes as an applicant for full-time employment.  Applications for substitute teaching are accepted throughout the school year.

All prospective employees must supply an application, current resume, transcripts, references, and other information. All applicants being considered must also be screened in a pre-employment criminal check.

We accept resumes throughout the year.  If you are interested in being considered for other openings that may arise, please send your resume and a cover letter explaining why you believe you might be a good fit for STAES.  Please email this information to Mary Latulippe at mlatulippe@stesnb.org.