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STES students spent time Monday afternoon looking to the skies. They wore special glasses so they could experience the Solar Eclipse.  Several parents joined the Kindergartners through the 5th graders for a great experience.  Many students shouted cheers when they saw the eclipse for the first time. The teachers taught science lessons about the eclipse, it’s rarity and how it happens.  This was just one activity that made the first day of school so special.

Ms. B and the 5th gradeers


Kindergarten used special masks to look at the eclipse

Our teachers attended a workshop during Professional Development on the integration of the Arts into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or STEAM.  Mary Lou Johnson, retired assistant director of the Visual & Performing Arts Department at CCISD presented an excellent workshop that included information for incorporation origami into a lesson on flight.




School Break Camps are offered at STESNB for students who need a place  to play and stay when their parents are working and school is not in session.  These camps are open to all children in the community.  The camp director is a certified Texas educator.


Note:  For the convenience of our parents, teachers collect a check to cover most, if not all, the school supplies students will need throughout the year.  This money is used primarily by the homeroom teacher and, to a lesser extent, by the co-curricular teachers.  Checks are collected by classroom teacher August, 18, 2017 during class visitation. Fill checks out to STAES and write “Supplies” on the memo line.  Thank you.

PK-3 Mariners

  • $45 ($42 for homeroom; $1 each for library, music & Spanish)
  • Parents purchase:
  • Art: 1pk fat markers, 1 drawing pad 9×12.

PK-4 Voyagers

  • $45 ($42 for homeroom;, $1 each for library, music, & Spanish)
  • Parents purchase
  • Art: 3 bottle Elmer’s glue, 1 pk fat markers.


  • $50 ($47 for homeroom; $1 each for library, music & Spanish)
  • Parents purchase:
    • 1 Box Tissues
    • 1 Roll Paper Towels
    • 1 Box Band Aids
    • Art: 2 Bottles Tempra Paint (16 oz) any color, 1 pad Watercolor Paper (9×12)

First and Second Grades

  • $50 ($47 for homeroom; $1 each for library, music, & Spanish)
  • Parents purchase:
    • 1 Set Headphones/Earbuds, whichever style child prefers
    • 1 Reusable Water Bottle
    • Art: 2 Bottles Tempra paint (16oz), 1Pad watercolor paper (9×12)

Third Grade

  • $50 ($47 for homeroom; $1 each for library, music,& Spanish)
  • Parents purchase:
    • 1 Set Headphones/Earbuds, whichever style child prefers
    • 1 Flash Drive—at least 4G
    • 1 Reusable Water Bottle
    • Art: 1 Doz Graphite pencils and 3 (9×12) Canvases

Fourth and Fifth Grades

  • $55 ($47 for homeroom;$1 each for library, music, & Spanish + $5 for a record for music)
  • Parents purchase:
    • 1 Binder—2”, Zippered with Handles
    • 1 Set Headphones/Earbuds, whichever style child prefers
    • 1 Flash Drive—at least 4G
    • 1 Reusable Water Bottle
    • Art: 3 (12×12) Canvases, 1 pk(12 each) soft pastels or 2 bottles Tempra paint (16 oz) any color

Meet the Teacher & Ice Cream Social

All students and parents are invited to Meet the Teacher on the afternoon of August 18, 2017. We will welcome students and parents to meet their current teachers in their classrooms 2:00 – 3:30 pm with the Ice Cream Social following in Krist Hall. Many thanks to the PTO for sponsoring this annual event.

New Director of School is Excited About Coming School Year

Mary Latulippe, Director of School, is preparing for the coming school year this summer. She is looking forward to working with the students and parents of St. Thomas.  Her many years of working in public education brings a wealth of experience to our campus.

Ms. Latulippe encourages a team approach for educating children. She believes in incorporating  the school’s core values of compassion, character, creativity and competence in all decisions made for all students.  Monthly studies of virtues introduced in Chapel by Father Mike will be incorporated to daily academic, age appropriate lessons.

Born and raised in League City Ms. Latulippe had various roles in her thirty-two years with Clear Creek ISD. During  her brief retirement she has traveled, completed her many furniture projects, updated her home and substituted as an administrator.  She has two children, Joey and Jenna.  She is also the proud mom of her furry children, Addie (boxer) and Lady (cat).

Ms. Latulippe has an open door policy in her office and welcomes students, parents and teachers to stop by any time.

Winter Break Camp

Need a fun activity for your kids over the winter break? Look no further than our Winter Break Camp. Register for Winter Break Camp at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School! Children may attend the full week or drop in on days when you need to work or shop, bake, wrap gifts, relax, etc.

$150 for the week $35 for one day
Camp Hours: 9:00am – 3:30pm
Early Drop off (8am)/Late Pick up (5pm) available for $15
Directed by a Certified Texas Educator
  • GAMES (Inside & Outside)
  • SPORTS (Football, Soccer, & Basketball)
  • Call Amy to register:  832-867-3094winter-camp