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Raley & Forrest PK-3

The Domains listed below are used throughout the curriculum during the school year. Student development occurs as the student grows and matures during the early childhood years. These outcomes are used to coordinate the education of the pre-school student and assess his/her readiness for school.

Refer to one of the six domains listed at the Texas Education Website at the following link:

Pre-Kindergarten Outcomes and Guidelines Alignment
I. Social and Emotional Development
II. Language and Communication
III. Emerging Literacy: Reading
IV. Emerging Literacy: Writing
V. Mathematics
VI. Science
VII. Social Studies
VIII. Fine Arts
IX. Physical Development
X. Technology

The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum focus is on academics and is coordinated into thematic units. These thematic units allow the student to develop physically, emotionally, intellectually all while improving the use of language. The units are then broken into daily lessons whereby free play, direct individual instruction and whole group instruction are used to encourage creativity, learning and development. The areas of learning are taught through one or more of the following domains: Health & Well-being, Gross Motor Skills, and Fine Motor Skills.