Silent Auction Items

 If you would like to bid and are unable to attend the gala, make sure to contact Ashleigh or Carla to arrange it. Make sure to pre-register your credit card to save time. 


201. Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons with Joshua Orsak, Pastoral Associate & Master Class DM, this certificate entitles you to 20 hours of Dming with Joshua Orsak, Pastoral Associate.  Joshua is a Master Class Dungeon Master with 20 years of experience planning and running games.  If you win this certificate, he will run a game for 2-6 players of your choice, custom made for your group.  The game can take place over any period of time you wish, whether a weekend or a week or over the course of a few months, it is up to you.  This is a great way for families to connect, or for young people to experience one of the oldest practices in human history, cooperative storytelling, in a way that is fun and challenging.
Generously donated by: Joshua Orsak
Value:  $650    Starting Bid:  $450

202. Parking Space for A Year
Running late to school?  Just like knowing where you are going?  Have a thing for seeing your name in print?  Here is your chance to have your very own parking space right up front in our school parking lot.  This parking space will be all yours from March 1, 2017 through the 2018 Gala & Auction.
Generously donated by: 50th Anniversary Golden Gala Committee
Value:  Time!    Starting Bid:  $250

203. Dinner Around the Bay
Basket of gift cards, $25 Pomodoro’s, $50 Seabrook Classic Café, $50 Mediterraneo’s, $75 Maggiano’s Gift Card, $50 Cheesecake Factory, $50 Grazia Italian Kitchen Gift Card
Generously donated by:  Pomodoro’s, Seabrook Classic Café, Mediterraneo’s, Maggiano’s, Cheesecake Factory, Grazia Italian Kitchen
Value:  $250    Starting Bid:  

204. Nassau Bay Night
Nassau Bay Hilton Hotel NASA Stay (One night and Breakfast for 2), Merlion’s Thai Restaurant & Lounge in Seabrook is considered to be one of the top Thai Restaurants in all of Houston.  Enjoy a specially prepared five course meal for 4.  Includes appetizer, salad, soup, entrée, and dessert (alcohol not included) and $50 Summers Calistoga Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Generously donated by:  City of Nassau Bay, Merlion Thai Restaurant, Kristi Sykora
Value:  $550    Starting Bid:  

205. Spring Break Staycation
Houston Zoo Family of 4 Pack with Carousel Tickets. Expire 2/25/18, The Houston Museum of Natural Science Family Pack of 4 tickets to the permanent exhibit halls and a $20 coupon good for the purchase of a membership.  Kemah’s Sweet Spot Breakfast for 4, Kemah Kruisers 3-hour rental on 4 passenger golf cart.
Generously donated by:  Houston Zoo, The Houston Museum of Natural Science, Kemah’s Sweet Spot & Cafe, Kemah Kruisers
Value:  $325    Starting Bid: 

206. Glencairn Whiskey Glasses
Two Glencairn whiskey tasting glasses.
Generously donated by:  Wine-ding Up Event and Mike Stone.
Value:  $175    Starting Bid: 

207. Six pack wine rack
Wine rack to hold six bottles of wine.
Generously donated by:  Wine-ding Up Event
Value:  $270

208. A Taste of New Orleans
Featuring the exclusive New Orleans Candles, Wax Melts and Room Spray that will give your home the smell and feel of an Old Southern Plantation.  An original Dammit Doll for all of those times…”When, well, you needed one”.  Along with a wide array of spices, mixes and Cajun treats that will leave you thinking you just dined in the French Quarter. Plus, a $100 Gift Certificate to Viola & Agnes Neo Soul Café
Generously donated by:  Ashley Musick & Susie Wadle / Chef Aaron of Viola & Agnes Neo Soul Café
Value:  $400

209. Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em
Travel humidor, lighter, cigar cutter, cigar punch & ashtray, 5 Priceless Cohiba Cigars
Generously donated by: Gala Committee
Value:  $300

210. Roselyn Pierce-Shirley Photographic Artist and Author
Roselyn Pierce-Shirley Photographic Artist and Author autographed book Peep Peep Grows Up & Framed Swan Photograph
Generously donated by: Roselyn Pierce-Shirley
Value: $250    Starting Bid: 

211. Mathnasium of Clear Lake
Two free months of Mathnasium membership at the Clear Lake location.  Includes Assessment and Registration.
Generously donated by:  Cassandra Hardin
Value:  $700    Starting Bid:  $100

212. Harbour Plastic Surgery, Dr. Geppert
3 Treatments of Botox.  Each treatment is 20 units.  Must be redeemed before Dec. 31, 2017.
Generously donated by:  Dr. Elena Geppert
Value:  $600    Starting Bid:  $390

213. Vera Bradley, Kendra Scott, Citris Nail Spa
Kendra Scott Necklace, Vera Bradley bag, Mani and Pedi
Generously donated by: 3M Financial, SES Electrical, Citris Nail Spa in Nassau Bay
Value: $320     Starting Bid: 

214. Designer Diva
$150 Designer purse with 3 $50 perfumes, $45 Meeker Merlot, The Clothes Horse $50 Gift Card, $75 Mani Pedi, $45 Perrier-Jouet Champagne
Generously donated by:  Rikie Bowker, Bryan & Ashley Musick, The Clothes Horse, La Tique Nails
Value: $415     Starting Bid: 

215. Father’s Day Fun
St. Thomas Brewers Guild Craft Beer – You pick the beer style, I’ll brew it customized to your tastes Depending on style, 3 weeks to 2 months after brewing, delivery of approximately 2 Gallons of beer (Twelve 22oz “bomber” glass bottles) with personalized labels.  Just let me know the style and if you have a clever name for the beer that I’ll print on the labels.  Gift Certificates $92 at Lu’s Barbershop (2 straight razor shaves and haircuts or 4 shaves), $65 chrome cologne, $75 mani pedi, $50 Grazia Italian Kitchen Gift Card.
Generously donated by:  Lu’s Barber Shop Haircut & Shave, La Tique Nails, Grazia Italian Kitchen, St. Thomas Brewers Guild
Value:  $375     Starting Bid:

216. Institute of Anti- Aging Medicine and Skin Spa
50 Units of Botox & Hydra Facial MD Treatment
Generously donated by:  Shannon LeConey
Value:  $750    Starting Bid:

217. One Week Camp Allen Summer Camp
One Week of Residential Summer Camp for ages 8-18 at the awesome Camp Allen!  Includes swimming, horseback riding, canoeing, lakefront activities, challenge course, arts & crafts, faith enrichment and much more!  Subject to 2017 availability.
Generously donated by:  Rhea Courville
Value: $618    Starting Bid:  $400

218. Portmeirion Dinnerware
Portmeirion dinnerware. Botanic Garden Pomona setting, botanical fruit, Portmeirion is made in the Welsh town of the same name, and is safe in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher. It would mix well with Fiesta dinnerware.
Generously donated by:  Cathie Delgado
Value:  $500    Starting Bid:  $250

219. Gemstone Globe
Gemstone Globe, 9″ in diameter, 14″ high. Rare model, gold-tone, 4-legged stand
Generously donated by:  Cathie Delgado
Value:  $279      Starting Bid: $100

220. Family Portraits by J. Pamela
Gift Certificate for a weekday family studio portrait session and one 11×14 custom portrait.
Generously donated by:  J. Pamela Photography, Inc.
Value:  $445    Starting Bid:  $225

221.  St. Arnold’s Brewery Basket
6 pack of Lawnmower beer & 6 pack of Root beer, bottle opener, 2 insignia glasses, 2 koozies
Generously donated by:  Teresa McMillan / Pam Phillips
Value:  $150   Starting Bid:  $50


Teacher Contributions

323. Head of School for a day
One special student will act as Head of School for a day with the expert guidance of Mrs. McMillan.  Our “Head” will greet students in the morning carpool, ring the school bell at the beginning and end of the school day, help teachers solve problems, have lunch with Mrs. McMillan & Mrs. Moisina, and receive a “Head of the School” certificate.
Generously donated by:  Teresa McMillan
Value:  $Priceless          Starting Bid:  $500

324. Camp Invention
One Student, One Week
Generously donated by: Rikie Bowker
Value:  $235    Starting Bid:  $100

325. A Day at Armand Bayou Nature Center with Mrs. Gibbs
Explore the outdoors and learn all about the Armand Bayou Nature Center with our beloved second grade teacher. Two children will spend a day out at ABNC with Mrs. Gibbs.  Hike to the Bayou, spend time in the Vegetable Garden, relax on the boardwalk while looking for birds, reptiles and signs of mammals.  Lunch and snacks will be provided. Mutually agreed upon date with regard to the weather before the end of May 2017.
Generously donated by:  Hilary Gibbs
Value:  $Priceless          Starting Bid:  $200

326. “Seaside Saturday”
Join Ms. Ramirez for a “Seaside Saturday – A Day of Fun in the Sun!” in Galveston, Texas. Have lunch, enjoy Pleasure Pier, walk along the seawall, and finish the day at the ice cream shop! Good for up to 2 children on a weekend in May to be mutually agreed upon.
Generously donated by: Rena Ramirez
Value: $Priceless           Starting Bid:  $100

327. Stickers, Stamps & Sundaes
Spend the day with Ms. Baker enjoying various stickers, stamps and the ice cream parlor of their choice!
Generously donated by:   Janet Baker
Value:  $Priceless          Starting Bid:  $100

328. P.E. Teacher for the Day with Ms. Weade
Soccer? Dodgeball? Tag? It’s all up to the student that gets the special honor of P.E. Teacher for the Day, plus lunch with Ms. Weade.  Mutually agreed upon date.
Generously donated by:  Julie Weade
Value:  $Priceless          Starting Bid:  $200

329. Spanish Bingo Party
Spanish Bingo Party for 6.  3rd Grade and up.  2-4pm @ St. Thomas any Friday.  Pizza, refreshments, prizes.
Generously donated by:  Silvia Bischoff
Value:  $Priceless          Starting Bid:  $200

330. T-Shirt Quilt
You provide the 12 t-shirts and Ms. Meg will assemble a t-shirt quilt.  To be completed within 3 months of receipt of t-shirts.
Generously donated by:  Ms. Meg
Value:  $Priceless          Starting Bid:  $125

331. Good Night Sleep Tight
Babysitting for a night, tuck in, read story, hot cocoa, leave a basket of books, 6-10pm, 2-3 kids, 5th grade and under
Generously donated by:  Susan Manville
Value:  $Priceless          Starting Bid:  $100

332. Dance Lessons
6 One-Hour Private Dance Lessons with Pro teacher Lauren Simmons and Student Teacher Joshua Orsak, Pastoral Associate.  Learn the basics of Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Swing, Cha-Cha or Country Dancing. Lauren is a professional dance instructor with her own concept studio.  Joshua is an accomplished amateur dancer.  Come as an individual or as a couple.
Generously donated by:  Joshua Orsak
Value:  $500    Starting Bid:  $300

333. Day of Blacksmithing at the Armand Bayou Nature Center
Come out to Armand Bayou Nature Center and enjoy an introduction to the art of blacksmithing. Forge an item to use that will be unique.  A BBQ fork or BBQ tongs.
Generously donated by:  Tom Scarsella
Value:  $250    Starting Bid:  $125

Sign-up Parties

301. NASA Nerd Adventure for Kids
Ever wonder what a rocket scientist does? Or what goes on inside a space suit? Now you can find out on this exclusive tour of Space Center Houston while accompanied by two real NASA Nerds. Here’s what you’ll experience when you blast-off on this adventure:
Your very own NASA Meatball T-Shirt and
An annual Pass to Space Center Houston so you can come back to visit any time you want for a year!
Generously donated by: Joe Riccio & Cinda Chullen
Max Participants: 6 children      Price: $125 per person

302. Premium Bourbon Tasting Party
Enjoy an evening of Kentucky Bourbon flights on March 31, 2017 from 6 to 9pm.  Tasting will include 5-6 amazing hand selections by The Reverend Mike Stone and Rebecca Andrews from the “Kentucky Bourbon Trail”.  Accompanied with delicious appetizers, fine spirits and great company!
Generously donated by: The Reverend Mike Stone and Rebecca Andrews
Max Participants: 16 Adults (Must be 21 years of age)    Price: $125 per person

303. Kids’ Gaming Party
3 hours of FUN! Game Party for up to 10 kids at St. Thomas including pizza, drinks, dessert and a movie. Electronics included.  (Date to be mutually agreed upon by participants. No weekends.)!
Generously donated by: The Reverend Mike Stone and Rebecca Andrews
Max Participants: 10 children    Price: $25 per person


401. Stages Repertory Theater
2 Complimentary tickets from Stages Repertory Theatre to any one single performance during the 2016-17 season.
Generously donated by:  Teresa McMillan/Pam Phillips
Value:  $150    Starting Bid:  $75

402. Western Rodeo Art
Generously donated by:  Candace Silcott
Value: $250    Starting Bid:  $100

403. Autographed Best Seller Book
Autographed Copy of Adult Bestseller Commonwealth by Ann Patchett, 5 lbs. Gourmet Brazil Santos Coffee, Coffee Mug
Generously donated by:  Karen Baker
Value:  $75     Starting Bid:  $75

404. Children’s Books
9 autographed Children’s Books: Crenshaw, Circus Mirandus, Fog Diver, Ever After High, Harriett the Invincible, The Terrible Two, The Terrible Two Get Worse, Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer, Raymie Nightingale
Generously donated by:  Karen Baker
Value:  $140    Starting Bid:  $100

405. Basket of Spirits
Basket filled different items.
Generously donated by:  Terry Frank
Value:  $200    Starting Bid:  $100

406. Coors Light Mini Fridge Fully Stocked
The perfect addition to your man cave this mini Coors “Refresherator” will keep your beer icy cold and ready. Holds 48 Coors 12 oz. beers!
Generously donated by:  Christine & Ray Garcia
Value:  $200    Starting Bid:  $100

407. Fit Bit Watch
Fit Bit Watch – Watch that tracks daily steps
Generously donated by:  Samira Ibeawuchi
Value:  $150   Starting Bid:  $75

408.Tennis Anyone?
Junior Tennis Racquet (Ages 6-8), BARC logo Hat & Sweatshirt, 3 sets of Tennis Balls – all donated by Bay Area Racquet Club.   Also kid tennis lessons given by our very own Parent Pro Jeanne LeRoux for 2 – 45 minute individual lessons or group lessons up to 4 hours for 2-4 children based on a mutually agreed upon date in Nassau Bay.
Generously donated by:  Bay Area Racquet Club & Jeanne LeRoux
Value:  $120     Starting Bid:   $60

409. Haak Winery
Come and make a memory at Haak Winery.  This certificate is good for 2 or 10 people to come visit Haak Winery, located on 12 acres in Santa Fe, Texas.  Tour the facility, tasting of 5 wines and deli items. Expires 6/7/17.
Generously donated by:  Mike Stone
Value:  $210    Starting Bid:  $100

410.The Tea House Under the Oaks
$100 Gift Card to be used towards a private event with a minimum purchase of $100. Not redeemable for cash and cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires on 12/31/17 The Tea House Under the Oaks, 610 East Main Street, League City, 832-905-3909
Generously donated by:  Jessica Geary
Value:  $100     Starting Bid:  $50

411. Dish & Dash at Robinette & Company Caterers
Your solution to home cooked meals $40 Gift Card
Generously donated by:  Robinette & Doyle
Value:  $40      Starting Bid:  $25

412. Mommie Chic and Me
Hot pink girls “Lemon Loves Lime” dress (size 10), matching WeeWee Ones bow along with adorable Owl Stephen Joseph backpack, Owl lunchbox and Owl freezer pack.  No returns or exchanges.  Added bonus of 20% off coupon to be used in store by 6/30/17.
Generously donated by:  Melissa McKinnie
Value:  $150    Starting Bid:  $80

413. Autographed Rick Riordan
Magnus Chase Trials of Apollo
Generously donated by:  Anthea Guest
Value:  $45      Starting Bid:  $25

414. Abstract Horse Painting
Abstract Horse Painting painted by Ms. DeHaan
Generously donated by:  R. DeHaan
Value:  $100    Starting Bid:  $50

415. Squaw Painting
Squaw Painting painted by Ms. DeHaan
Generously donated by:  R. DeHaan
Value:  $150    Starting Bid:  $70

416. Africaaner Painting
Africaaner Painting painted by Ms. DeHaan
Generously donated by:  R. DeHaan
Value:  $150    Starting Bid:  $70

417. Abstract Horse Painting
Abstract Horse Painting painted by Ms. DeHaan
Generously donated by:  R. DeHaan
Value:  $75     Starting Bid:  $40

418. Hair Extensions
Custom Handmade Halo Extension.  She will buy the hair for your desired length, color and assemble to match your hair.  Melinda is here tonight showcasing some of her hair pieces.
Generously donated by:  Melinda Corley
Value:  $150    Starting Bid:  $80

419. Nassau Bay Fire Truck Ride
Have a child that is wild about fire trucks? Then this item is for you! The winner of this very special offer receives a ride on the Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department fire truck! This ride is for up to 2 people inside the city limits of Nassau Bay and will occur before or after school or on a Saturday as arranged with the Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department.
Generously donated by:  Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department
Value:  $Priceless          Starting Bid:  $200

420. Nest Box for Screech Owls
Owl box.  Many generations of owls have used one of these.  Place on a tree 11′ up and 20′ from facing cover.  Box is made of recycled fence boards.
Generously donated by:  Tom Scarsella
Value:  $75      Starting Bid:  $40

421. Canyon Lake Condo in Texas Hill Country
Weekend Getaway!  3 days and 2 nights at Canyon Lake Condo in the Hill Country.  2 bedrooms, 2 baths.  Sleeps up to 6 people.  First Floor.
Generously donated by:  Larry & Mona Roberts
Value:  $300    Starting Bid:  $150

422. Fused Glass Bowl
Fused glass artwork bowl by stained glass artist Christine Alexander.  Original, unique home décor using glass, glass frit and glass vitrigraph stringer.
Generously donated by:  Alexander Art Glass
Value:  $250    Starting Bid:  $85

423. Fused Glass Bowl
Fused glass artwork bowl by stained glass artist Christine Alexander.  Original, unique home décor using hand and water – jet cut glass.
Generously donated by:  Alexander Art Glass
Value:  $175    Starting Bid:  $125

424. Necklace & Earrings
Sterling silver and Swarovski crystal
Generously donated by:  Sharon Sands (Cinda Chullen)
Value:  $60     Starting Bid:  $40

425. Jill Rauscher School of Dance & Miss American Girl Bear Doll
16″ jointed Miss American Girl Bear Doll made by Gotz & Stieff, Trunk and 7 outfits / Jill Rauscher 3 Costumes for your “Dress Up Diva”
Generously donated by:  Cathie Delgado / Jill Rauscher School of Dance
Value:  $340    Starting Bid:  $150

426. Teenage Boy Basket
Polo cologne, GIO, $25 Bullritos Gift Card, Wireless speaker, Tumbler, Aux Cable
Generously donated by:  Rikie Bowker
Value:  $225    Starting Bid:  $100

427. 3rd Coast Kombucha / Nokturne
Galveston-based kombucha brewer Vince Bruno, owner of 3rd Coast Kombucha Dispensary, brews organic, seasonal kombucha flavors, often incorporating Texas fruits like peaches and grapefruit.  Vince has donated a Kombucha Growler: Good for one 64oz. fill and tote bag & Nokturne $50 Gift Card
Generously donated by:  Vince Bruno / Daniel Quezada
Value:  $95      Starting Bid:  $50

428. Fitness Fun
$40 Waterproof Bluetooth speaker, $40 swell, $30 (2) cool towels, $189 Camp Gladiator for 4 weeks, 2 water bottles, 2 yoga mats, for 2 people.  Also includes one cryotherapy session at CryoU LLC.
Generously donated by:  Rikie Bowker, Terry Frank
Value:  $350    Starting Bid:  $150

429. Weekend Brunch for Four at Lakewood Yacht Club
Sunday Brunch at Lakewood Yacht Club.  Brunch is offered on Sundays in the ballroom from 9:30 AM until 1:30 PM. Voted Best Brunch in the Bay Area, this long-standing Member tradition features a breakfast buffet and delicious lunch entrees to choose from including omelet & waffle station, delectable seafood & chicken entrees, carved roast beef, smoked salmon, cold boiled shrimp and more!
Generously donated by:  Lakewood Yacht Club/Julie Powell
Value:  $100   Starting Bid:  $60

430. Get Ready for Spring
Two live mixed tropical greenery arrangements in large ceramic pots.
Generously donated by:  Kemah Flowers and Company
Value:  $200    Starting Bid:  $100

431. Jump N Jungle Party
Jungle party for up to twenty kids available on Thursday evenings.  Two hour private party with custom invites and supplies.
Value:  $175    Starting Bid:  $80

432. Dog Lovers
One weekend of boarding at the Pet Palace and a day of beauty for your furry friend gift basket from Dog Tails Pet Spa.
Generously donated by:  The Pet Palace and Dog Tails Pet Spa.
Value:  $425    Starting Bid:  $225