Welcome to St. Thomas

Welcome to St. Thomas. Located in a historic neighborhood bordered by the waters of Clear Lake and Clear Creek, our fifty year old school is across the street from NASA’s historic Johnson Space Center. Many St. Thomas students are the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of NASA engineers and scientists, a group of men and women with inquisitive minds and a vision for the future.

Throughout its fifty years, the excellent teachers and staff at St. Thomas have developed our students to be passionate, dedicated, life-long learners. Our school is dedicated to building academic skills that are founded on Christian principles, nurturing leadership skills, and instilling the value of service. Core values of competence, creativity, character, and compassion are integrated into all that we do.

The curriculum for all St. Thomas students begins with chapel every day, Spanish twice a week, and art, music, and library once a week. Classes are small, providing a warm, individualized environment in which students thrive. Our teachers integrate hands on learning, technology, and project-based instruction into their lessons to encourage student participation, involvement, and problem solving. Singapore Math, a highly effective method of teaching mathematics that has achieved remarkable success wherever it has been incorporated, is used in kindergarten through fifth grade.

We will continue the after school enrichment at St. Thomas. The concept is tailored to fit the needs of St. Thomas students and community children, whom we would like to introduce to St. Thomas. St. Thomas after-school enrichment sessions are designed to enhance the students’ academic experiences and provide a variety of extra-curricular opportunities. Our aim is to give children an assortment of quality experiences without requiring them to be transported around the community at the end of a long day at school or work.

We at St. Thomas know that choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions you make as a parent. With our passion for excellence and love for children, we hope you choose us as a partner in your child’s education. Choosing St. Thomas will be a decision that brings your child a lifetime of benefits.