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Visit Our New Library Room

July 25, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

Creativity and innovation are the premier skills of all disciplines, both classical and modern.

As we prepare to make room for our much anticipated creative commons, The Studio, we have relocated our library to Room 8 in Hallway 2.

For years the large room at the back of our school was divided by bookcases to make space for a library and art room. While the spaces have long served our students well, times have changed. Our students and families want access to a more technology, a collaborative maker-space, and creative projects that relate back to science and engineering. Moreover, our school saw the need to modernize our curriculum to better prepare students to succeed in an age of new media, the Internet, and ever evolving technologies.

At the start of last school year, we made the decision to expand our program to include a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) lab where students could do anything from 3D printing to explore plant biology through painting. By the time of our annual gala, our school raised the necessary funds with the help of our PTO and generous donors.

It quickly became apparent to our school leaders, that the large room overlooking Clear Lake was the perfect choice for a new STEAM lab or in other words, a creative learning commons.

One could say that creativity and innovation are the premier skills of all disciplines, both classical and modern. Creativity drives an idea, innovation makes that idea a reality. These skills are the most essential that we can nurture in our students.

It took nearly an entire Saturday to pack the former music room and move the contents of the library to Room 8. Many weeks of re-organizing followed to make the library functional and re-settle the music and art supplies in what we are now calling The Studio.

Much thanks to Mrs. Cannaday, our 3rd Grade teacher, who lead the re-organization of books and reconnected our handheld scanner. Students will now visit the library regularly with teachers who will guide them on how to use it as a place to gather information on lessons and as an alternate location to brainstorm on projects.

A big thank you to our crew of parents and teacher volunteers. This move would not have been possible without you. They out early to pack, haul, and sweat out their Saturday over the summer break. We thank you!

We also would like to thank our PTO not only for recruiting the volunteers for the move, but also for initiating this change. We appreciate your gifts of time, service, and creative vision that has made this all possible.