2018-19 School Year, PreKindergarten

Hooray for the USA

October 16, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

Last week our Voyagers finished their adventure across the United States of America.  This merry band of four year olds learned all about our nations history, monuments, and wildlife.

Did you know that Abe Lincoln kept his notes in his hat? Or that a horse got to ride the elevator in the White House? From George Washington and his army that fought the Redcoats to Teddy Roosevelt and his strange pet collection, the Voyagers discovered all kinds of interesting facts about our presidents, and why we have one instead of a king.

Their class traveled from the Statue of Liberty to Mount Rushmore. They even took a trip to the moon with NASA!

Of course, no preschool lesson is complete without learning a bit about animals. Next time you see a Voyager, ask them about the banded armadillo, the bald eagle, or, better yet, a turkey!

That's one small step for man... giant leap for mankind.