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3rd Quarter Enrichment

December 11, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

The new year is closing in on us, and with it comes third quarter enrichment classes.  We feel very fortunate to be have so many wonderful instructors committed to teaching weekly extra curricular enrichment classes here at St. Thomas!  Take a look at what we have to offer your children starting January 14th. You can sign up on our enrichment page.

Engineering: Each child is challenged to use engineering techniques and critical thinking processes to design, create, and improve all types of structures. The goal is to get the mind thinking about how things work and why. After taking this class, children venture into the world and think about how things are made and how they could maybe one day improve them. Different tools are used to create and complete building assignments such as pasta bridges, toothpick/marshmallow creations, lego blueprints, mechanical machines and so much more! Engineering Fun blends the perfect amount of structured science and technology with creativity and out right fun!


Cooking: Come join us for some food from around the world. Each week this class travels to a new country in the kitchen. Learning about all kinds of delicious dishes and how to prepare them; and getting to taste their finished product at the end of class! Yum! By the end of the quarter each child obtains the knowledge, safety, and comfort of being in a kitchen and feeling like the chef they were meant to be!


Karate: Engage in the ancient art form of Karate. Open to kids of all ages, our Karate Expert teaches a profound mind, body, and spirit experience. This sport is performed barefoot in loose padded clothing, with a colored belt indicating the level of skill, and involves mental as well as physical training. Karate is a lifelong skill that builds confidence and promotes a healthy image and lifestyle. This class uses the already natural fluid motion of body and mind allowing kids to learn how to apply specialized techniques into structured practiced movements that improve posture, balance, and control over the body. Come say “hi-ya!” to this awesome martial arts experience!


Skating: Kids from Kindergarten on up have a blast in Roller Skating!  Skating gives everyone the opportunity to learn to skate or sharpen their skills in a safe and fun weekly Skate Party. Each class jams out to tunes while participating in exciting skating games that roll them into having a blast! Roller Blades or traditional skates provide excellent exercise, fun and a challenging activity that can be enjoyed for years to come! (Skates and safety equipment not included.)


Math Olympiad:  If you have a love of numbers and consider mathematics an art, or just want to improve basic understanding, than this is the class for you! Math Olympiad is a course designed to teach the major strategies of problem solving, to captivate mathematical creativity, and to stimulate enthusiasm for the types of problems that students encounter in competitive mathematics. This class includes notes, practice problems, and assessments for each topic covered to allow students to learn and review both the material and problem-solving skills. Promote yourself to Math Wiz with this fun, interactive and challenging experience!


Lego Fun: This class in many ways highlights and expands the very core of a child’s imagination! Each child’s creativity is encouraged in designing and building every kind of invention one could desire using legos! Each day there is a goal in what the children can bring to life with the guidance of their instructor who provides a base thought process for them to learn and grow while having a blast!


TumbleBee Bus: TumbleBee Bus’ focus is on teaching fitness as a way of life! Each week the bus offers classes to children between the ages of two to six years old. The goal is not to train future gymnasts (although you never know!), but to promote each child’s social, physical, and emotional growth through individual accomplishments. The children learn a simplified form of basic gymnastics and tumbling routines in a non-competitive environment. We park the bus, shut off the engine, and offer 30 fun-filled minutes of tumbling, gymnastics, and fitness lesson per week to the students. Our classes are structured according to a weekly lesson plan and help children not only have fun, but also develop coordination, strength, flexibility, and confidence in a unique and safe environment. Come get your tumble on each Friday before you bounce into the weekend!


Chess Wizards: Chess Wizards is currently one of the largest chess instruction companies in the country, with programs and summer camps at over 1000 schools, park districts, and community centers in 13 different states. Our instructors deliver question-based, interactive lessons on each topic similar to a comedy sketch. Our instructors, who dress like Chess Wizards, lead many exciting activities, such as team chess games, puzzles, and tournaments which are designed to make the learning experience both challenging and fun.


Club Invention: Club invention is an exciting after-school program where children participate in activities focused on creative problem solving and innovation! Come explore medieval history, basic scientific principles and hands-on creativity in Castles, Catapultes, and Coats of Arms. This quarter class explorers will discover the effects of Archimedes’ principle with the challenge of sculpting clay boats that will float across a moat while supporting cargo. Instructors will guide each class member to apply science and engineering principles throughout the building process along with the construction of a castle wall! Let’s go back in time and show the Medieval Age what these 20th century minds can really do!


First Notes: Kids in PreK-Kindergarten are invited to join First Notes Class and begin their musical training in a fun, safe and inviting atmosphere. First Notes is an introduction into the world of music, with special emphasis on piano. Classes are held in group sessions, where children learn the basics of music theory, piano skills, and developmental singing. Studying music as a child has an impact on brain development and their fine motor skills. First Notes will prepare the students to begin piano lessons once they are ready. Our professional teacher, Mrs. Jamie Rocha teaches First Notes and her goal is for every child to feel safe, loved, and important at all times. She teaches the class through games , musical characters, exploring music, experiencing a variety of instruments, and engaging the students mind through music!


Art a la Carte: There is always something new to learn and create in Art a la Carte for all ages starting with PK up through 8th grade! Classes work with unique canvases and a variety of mediums for a wonderful and artistic experience. Boys and girls have fun learning different techniques applied with their own vision to create their personal masterpieces! This is a place where kids can relax and enjoy the process of bringing their own style of art to life.


Soccer Play & Beginning Soccer: Both boys and girls of all ages can build teamwork skills and learn great soccer strategies! We offer a fun experience while getting exercise and learning soccer etiquette and techniques that will advance them in the sport and fuel them with the desire to perfect their skills. Beginner classes are open to Pre-K through Kindergarten and Intermediate Classes are for first through fifth grade. Each class applies age appropriate training that encourages the physical growth of balance, footwork, and speed as well as social skills.


Piano: Come join Mrs. Jamie Rocha for some one on one piano lessons for all ages! Each week Mrs. Rocha provides a 30min. lesson after school to enhance your child’s musical ability on the piano. Lessons are personalized to each students talent level in order to continuously improve their ability to read music and apply that knowledge in the creation of musical melodies. They are given the instruction and confidence to play songs of their choosing and ultimately create their own personalized song!


Guitar: All forms of music are important and welcomed here at St. Thomas and we are pleased to introduce the art of Guitar! Each week our instructor provides a 30min. lesson for every age group after school to teach how to play songs on the guitar! Every lesson is sculpted to the individuals skill level and encourages creativity in choosing what desired song they would like to learn! This is an enjoyable and relaxing art that will provide entertainment for years to come!