Yuck! Science at St. Thomas

February 1, 2021, Author: St. Thomas

Normally exploding trash cans in the school parking lot would be cause for concern, but St. Thomas is often home to exciting exceptions to the norm. On Friday, January 29, the students and staff  St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School participated in an in-house field trip with Brian Whittington, founder and host of the YuckShow Live Science demonstrations. Being distanced and outdoors not only helped with COVID safety, but also allowed YuckShow the space needed for some really amazing chemistry demonstrations, without fear of blowing a hole in the ceiling. Students learned about how chemical reactions often result in a gas emission, like when you add baking soda to vinegar, which was used to demonstrate the concept by inflating a balloon. They then saw a demonstration of “elephant toothpaste” which sprayed a very impressive geyser of foam into the air. The show culminated with a crew of brave teacher assistants helping Brian launch a series of trash cans into the air using pressure generated from liquid nitrogen. The resulting boom, and height reached by each of the cans, was truly a scientific sight to behold!

Elephant Toothpaste
Trashcan rocket foil ball flattened by pressure