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Preschool & Kinder Play Date

July 29, 2019, Author: Sean McConathy

2018-19 School Year, PreKindergarten, Project Based Learning

PreK-4 “Our Community” Project

February 19, 2019, Author: Sean McConathy

  Ms. Raley’s PreK-4 class has been exploring our school’s community. They learned about various community helpers, and talked about the many interesting features of our local area. The project culminated in the creation of a model replica of the neighborhood and businesses around our school, including the Nassau Bay Police Station, […]

2019-2020, PreKindergarten

Pre-K Class

February 14, 2019, Author: Sean McConathy

Great schools never stop evolving and don’t shy away from trying new ideas. St. Thomas has a mixed-age-group preschool class where 3 and 4-year-olds learn together; this idea is new to St. Thomas, but has been a standard practice in many early child education circles for decades. This new program will exist [...]

2018-19 School Year, PreKindergarten

Hooray for the USA

October 16, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

Last week our Voyagers finished their adventure across the United States of America.  This merry band of four year olds learned all about our nations history, monuments, and wildlife. Did you know that Abe Lincoln kept his notes in his hat? Or that a horse got to ride the elevator in the [...]