Co-Curricular Classes

Art & Drama

A wholesome education is not complete without the fine arts. Our students are encouraged to explore their artistic styles each week through our art and drama curriculum. Students will experiment with different artistic mediums that broaden their horizons and imaginative capabilities in order to promote confidence, a sense of self, team work, and artistic/dramatic interpretation. Different grades will be able to showcase their talents throughout the year during special events.


Aside from being a favorite subject among students, the music curriculum is integral in teaching students essential skills such as motor coordination, language development, and social interaction. Our curriculum also ensures that students gain knowledge in music literacy, singing and ensemble skills, while heightening and incorporating the child’s sense of imagination. All our students will have the opportunity to participate and perform in various programs throughout the year, such as our annual Spring Sing.

Physical Education

During PE, students will learn coordination, to work together in teams, to be active, and to have fun while exercising. Our physical education curriculum incorporates different games and activities that encourage children to enjoy physical activity.



Students in Pre-K through 5th grade are enriched by participating in weekly Spanish language classes. The curriculum is designed to teach students core vocabulary and basic sentence structure using verbs, colors, numbers, animals, places and food items through verbal interaction, music, hands-on activities and books pertaining to the student’s grade level. Older students focus on their oral fluency, grammar, reading, writing, cultural, and conversational skills.