Fifth Grade

C. Behler–5th grade

The Upper Elementary Program (3-5) is thoughtfully planned to develop a life-long love of learning. Building upon a solid core curriculum of language arts, reading, mathematics, social studies and science, St. Thomas 3rd-5th grade students are encouraged to explore their possibilities.

Enrichment classes, such as Spanish,¬†art, drama, music, computer, religion and physical education, are an integral part of fostering students’ individual talents, as well as encouraging creativity and developing skills to lead a healthy, balanced life.

As a complement to the curriculum, focus is given to developing students’ emerging understanding of the world at large through interaction with their peers as well as through community service.

In preparation for their middle school years, St. Thomas teachers encourage collaboration as well as individual responsibility. A major emphasis is in guiding each student to become Competent, Cooperative, Creative, and Compassionate human beings who represent the core values St. Thomas.