Second Grade

E. Forrest–2nd Grade

Since learning is as much a social activity as it is an individual activity, much of what students learn comes from interacting with other people. Classes are structured to provide developmentally appropriate instruction and to promote creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking.

We understand that a child’s development and learning are integrated. Therefore, based on an emergent and integrated curriculum, lessons are developed around students’ daily explorations that enable them to make connections across subject areas.

  • Center-oriented classrooms
  • Discovery through Project Approach
  • Emphasis on oral and written communication skills
  • “Hands-on” and “Minds-on” activities and explorations
  • Field-based experiential learning helping children make transfer of learning to “real world” situations
  • Fine arts comprised of music and art
  • Daily chapel services
  • Outreach projects to develop the students’ awareness to serve
  • Technology integrated into the classroom to enhance the curriculum