Head Of School’s Welcome

Welcome to St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School

I am pleased that you have arrived at our website to learn more about our school and enrichment programs.

St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School is located 3 miles from the historic NASA Johnson Space Center in Nassau Bay in Clear Lake. Its genesis was the settlement of the area around the Manned Spacecraft Center (later the Johnson Space Center) and the establishment of our church, St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church.

Like the Space Center, our school strives to develop a unique environment that supports a spirit of discovery and creative thinking. Our dedicated faculty and staff work collaboratively to design a holistic academic program that cultivates our students’ natural inquisitiveness while also challenging them to be thoughtful scholars and culturally competent leaders. Our program is that necessary 21st century twist on a classical education that prepares our students for an ever-evolving world.

This year, we are implementing a comprehensive Virtue series for teaching one virtue per month over the course of the academic school year. These virtues will be taught through in-class discussions and school-wide activities that guide students through the exploration of classic and contemporary moral issues. To further support this development at home, we will provide tools and online resources for parents. Through this guidance, our students will develop kindness and confidence to think critically for themselves about the ever-changing world around them and their responsibility to be informed and active members of society.

We will also be working to complete an interior updating and redesign of our physical school to make room for an interdisciplinary learning commons we call The Studio. In our light-filled Studio, students will experiment, design, and innovate; working on a wide breadth of projects from creative reuse art projects to hands-on science experiments while overlooking the beauty of our Nassau Bay waterfront. Down the hall in our newly reorganized library, students will explore their literary passions and develop research skills to drive their class projects. Every year we will work to enhance our existing physical spaces with the goal of creating a dynamic campus-like school that better prepares our students for high school and beyond.

I invite you to learn more about the wonder that is St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School. We welcome you and your family to contact us anytime throughout the year to setup a private tour of our campus or to sit down with us to discuss our programs in detail. My staff and I look forward to meeting you and your family and telling you more about our truly exceptional school.


C. O'Neal

C. O'Neal

Head of School


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