Our Mission

Our Mission

St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School offers families of all backgrounds and faiths a classical education adapted to 21st century learning standards in order to cultivate children who are knowledgeable, creative, and virtuous global citizens.

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Expanding Minds. Engaging Hearts

Located down the street from NASA’s Johnson Space Center overlooking Clear Lake and Howard Ward Park in Nassau Bay, St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School offers a unique setting for children to grow and learn about their community, the world, and beyond. STAES prides itself on being a forward-thinking and diverse community that partners with families, local area artists, and scholars to develop children who are well balanced physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

As an Episcopal school, we strive to both educate and demonstrate the beauty and potential of all human beings and the earth we all call home. St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School strives not only to cultivate in our students a spirit of curiosity and creativity that is crucial to authentic learning, but also to nurture certain fundamental virtues that will prepare them for a diverse and changing world.


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