2018-19 School Year, Art

Chalk Art Lessons

August 31, 2018, Author: CONeal

NPR recently featured a story called Coloring Books and Worksheets: What’s the Value of ‘Staying in the Lines’.  It’s a great listen/read if you’re interested in learning more about art education, and the value of giving children the space for creative expression.  The following quote stood out to me: …art education isn’t just about [...]

Nassau Bay, Safety

Mosquito Prevention

August 30, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

If you’ve lived in Houston or the Clear Lake Area for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed the mosquitoes. If you haven’t already, you can label a bottle of your preferred insect repellent with your child’s name and send it with them to school, or  simply apply before leaving the house […]

2018-19 School Year

School Starts Monday

August 16, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

We are excited to welcome new and returning students this Monday the 20th of August at 8:05am. Our back to school sign will be placed out in front ready for those looking to capture a photo of this special day.

Campus, Studio

Visit Our New Library Room

July 25, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

Creativity and innovation are the premier skills of all disciplines, both classical and modern. As we prepare to make room for our much anticipated creative commons, The Studio, we have relocated our library to Room 8 in Hallway 2. For years the large room at the back of our school was divided [...]

Camp Invention, Enrichment

Camp Invention at St. Thomas

July 12, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

Camp Invention is underway at St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School! We are always seeking opportunities to expand minds and engage hearts, and Camp Invention is the perfect partner for our school. Check out the video below to get an overview of this summer's exciting Fast Forward program.

Enrichment, Summer Camp

Summertime at St. Thomas

June 28, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

How are you spending your summer? Our Summer Camp and Day Care program offers over a dozen classes for kids of all ages for half or full day. June has come and gone, but there are still spots available for July and August! Email, call or stop by to register your kiddo [...]

2017-18 School Year, 2018-19 School Year

2018-2019 School Uniforms

May 14, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

The 2018-19 school uniform is the same as this school year with a few optional items added to choose from for next year. Please go to The preferred school number is: 900025768 ALL SHIRTS/TOPS MUST HAVE THE ST THOMAS CREST ON UPPER LEFT CHEST Dress uniforms for Chapel days with Eucharist [...]

Camp Invention, Enrichment, Summer Camp

2018 Summer Classes

March 6, 2018, Author: St. Thomas

Summer is coming and we have an fabulous line up of classes open to the public all summer long. Read through our class descriptions below and get to planning memorable summer fun. Summer Camp 2018 Class Descriptions Camp Invention